Revolution Combi

    The Cebora continuous wire power source REVOLUTION COMBI (art. 488) offers the features of a hand portable welding machine, in a machine designed to professional engineering standards:
  • hand portable, thanks to its size and light weight (just 23 kg), as well as the "no-gas" option, which also make it ideal for on-site work where cylinders are inconvenient to use;
  • professional, since it is built using components generally found in larger machines: possibility of using coils up to 200 mm in diameter, heavy-duty wire feed unit, forced ventilation, torch provided with external solenoid valve, 7 welding current positions.
    REVOLUTION COMBI may be mounted on the wire feeder 1432, and is supplied complete with hammer and brushes, mask with safety glass, torch, earth cable and a coil of flux-cored wire.

Art. 488 Technical specifications
50/60 Hz
Single phase input
3 KW Max.installed power
3,7 KVA max Input power
35 - 130 A Min. Max. current that can be obtained in welding
90 A at 20% Duty cicle 
(10 min, per standard CEI26.13, EN60974.1 e IEC974.1)
7 Number of regulation steps
Solid 0,6/0,8
Wire sizes that can be used
Ø 200 mm/5 Kg Max. wire spool size
With gas (solid wire)
No gas (flux cored wire)
IP 21 Protection class
Authorized for use in areas of increased hazard of electric shock
22,5 Kg. Weight
255 x 445 x 360 h Dimensions